Membership benefit

Primary members (for Asian Businesses/individual)

Benefits of joining

EDUCATION – ABA provides seminars offered by our professionals on business formation, lease and rent, tax, financial planning, etc.  Members can suggest topic of seminars.

FREE PROFESSIONAL ADVICE – We offers a members only service providing free legal, financial, accounting, and business related advice for difficult situations. Expert attorneys, as well as accountants, business experts are available to our members. They answers could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars!

LEGISLATIVE REPRESENTATION – We are involved in issues throughout the region and acts as your voice to legislators on the local, regional, and state levels.

MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY – For convenience in connecting with other members, ABA Members receive an annual Membership Directory which includes contact information for each member and a products and services list to help you find the right person or business for your need.

EVENTS AND NETWORKING – ABA offers events that address key issues affecting your business and provide networking opportunities with your peers.

ABA ONLINE – Our website has the current news, upcoming events, and helpful resources.

Associate members (for vendors/sponsors)

Benefits of Joining

MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY – ABA Members receive an annual Membership Directory which highlights Associate Members. Primary Members are encouraged to establish business relationships with Associate Members. Additional advertising opportunities exist in the directory to provide greater exposure and brand recognition for Associate Members.

SHOW AND EXPOSURE – For all ABA’s events, Associate Members have the opportunity to display their products and services. Associate Members are given opportunities to sponsor different components of member events in exchange for recognition, signage, and exposure.

ABA ONLINE – Our website has the current news, upcoming events, and tools to help our Primary Members.  Associate Members can advertise on ABA’s website for maximum exposure.

EVENTS AND NETWORKING – ABA provides both business and social opportunities to network with Primary Members as well as other Associate Members. Networking events are for your benefit and are meant to expand your circle of professional contacts. So take full advantage of them!

UPGRADE – If you plan on aggressively marketing to ABA members, upgrade your standard membership to President’s Circle.

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