OABA Holiday Gathering

On Sunday Dec. 14, 2014, the Ohio Asian Business Association (OABA) had its board meeting at Miega Korean BBQ at Cleveland’s Asian Town Center.  Most of the board members attended the meeting.  They were

在2014年12月14日,俄亥俄亚裔商业协会(OABA)在克利夫兰亚洲城中心的Meiga Korean BBQ举行了董事会会议。大部分董事会成员参加了本次聚会,他们是:

Judy Chu; Lei Jiang; Mona Ma; Xin Wang; Cynthia Yang; Tracy Zhang

OABA welcomed the new members who just joined.  They were

OABA 欢迎了新加入的成员,他们是:

MegaBright LLC and Mr. Coffee Li; Anna Beauty Center and Anna Li; Lisa Wong; Ying Fang, Ph.D.

The participants discussed OABA’s current project – Northeast Ohio Asian Business Yellow Page (Yellow Page project), and brainstormed the ways to raise the fund for this project.

参与的会员们讨论了OABA目前的项目进程–《俄亥俄北部亚太裔商业黄页 》(“黄页项目”),并对该项目的筹款方式进行了集体讨论。

The Yellow Page project is near the end.  Currently OABA needs the fund to publish it.  We welcome all donations and advertisement.  The Yellow Page will be in Chinese.  It offers free basic listing for all businesses for free. In addition, it offers 3 types of advertisements:


business card listing for $100

½ page listing for $200

Full page listing for $400

名片广告列出 100美元

半页广告列出 200 美元

全页广告列出 400 美元

If you or your company is interested in free listing or advertisement, please contact us at (440) 835-2271 and ask for Ms. Guo.

如果您或您的公司对免费列出或者广告有兴趣,请拨打(440)835-2271 与郭小姐联系。


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